Hey babes! Remember this? Well, get ready because Sunny Co is planning on breaking the internet again with their red bathing suit version 2.0!!! If you didn't have an Instagram account in 2017, Sunny Co became famous for giving away a free super cute red bathing suit to anyone who reposted their picture.

This swimsuit helped launch Sunny Co to success and made Sunny Co a popular brand for teens, college students, and young adults. Since the campaign, Sunny Co and their amazing followers have helped raise thousands of dollars for charity and have created a community of over 40,000 women who support and promote the company.  Some supporters loved the brand so much they even got a tattoo of the Sunny Co logo!

Sunny Co wants to give a huge thank you to all of their followers by giving away another free sexy bathing suit!! 

 So if you love Sunny Co as much as we do, and want to get another free bathing suit, mark May 7, 2019, 12 PM PST, down on your calendars and get ready to post!

April 25, 2019 — Sunny Co


Savanna Tipton said:

I would love a free red swimsuit! But I just saw this today. It is June 15, 2021. I will send you pictures and will be a swimsuit model for your company!! Help! Need job now!!! Thanks Vanna

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