Gift & Campaign Policies

Free Gifts

  • Gifting is our way of business
  • Free gifts aren't exchangeable or refundable
  • Free gifts bare NO monetary value
  • You might be asked for sizing (if applicable)
  • Under some (very rare) circumstances, you might be required to pay shipping fee.


Campaign Policies

  • No other discount codes can be used during our campaigns
  • Orders during campaigns can't be placed using gift cards, credit vouchers
  • If you use any gift card/voucher/discount code other then the one specified for the campaign , your order will be canceled and you won't be able to place another order for that campaign
  • If your code/voucher or gift card has one use only, and you used it to place order that goes against our policies, we will not be able to reinstate the voucher.
  • We may cancel your discount code if you continue to misuse it. 
  • Free sale is limited to a maximum of ONE piece each.


Upcoming Policy - "NO ONE LEFT UNHAPPY" - Stay Tuned!