Instagram is 100% the reason for our success, but it can also be a very rough place for your self-esteem and confidence. From Day 1, Sunny Co's mission has been simple:

We wanted to build a brand that wasn't really a brand, but rather a movement of amazing people who cared more about each other and spreading positivity than the next "I'm richer and better looking than you" Instagram post. Spoiler alert... it's working.

Who we are

Sunny Co was created with the purpose of making suits that will make you look & feel amazing. We strive to promote positivity, love, & friendship by creating a brand tailored around its community.

Customer reviews
Gosh damn I’m hott
I’m 29 years old. I am not always confident, BUT this suit makes me feel like I have the ASS & TITS of a school girl! I don’t care if it’s the neighborhood pool, I’m gonna wear my sunny suit and look hot as shit. Relax Karen, you’re just jealous.
— Aubrey L
The famous sunny suit is more heavenly than I expected- sexY with a capital Y. If my boyfriend were writing this review he would give it 10k stars no problem. The only reason I give 5 is because It’s out of 5. If you want something va-va-voom that will make your boy friends tongue drop, this is it!
— Tiffany B
I wore this bikini to the lake where I saw my ex and he literally asked to get back together- I fully attribute this success to how amazing this suit is!! I SAID NO
— Clare M