About Us

 Left: Alan Alchalel   Right: Brady Silverwood

Updated as of June 25,2017

Hi there, We are the Sunny Boys!

We are from San Diego, California and currently Seniors studying Business at the University of Arizona. We have been friends since the 5th grade!

When we decided to start Sunny Co Clothing together it seemed like an uphill battle considering we were only in college. While most of our friends were lining up summer internships and post graduation jobs, we were trying to take a different and very unknown path.

Since our start in August of 2016, Sunny Co Clothing has been very rewarding for us. In our very first few months, we led the college tailgate skirt trend while selling our Sunny Skirts to girls at over 28 colleges throughout the United States. In January of 2017 we came out with a brand new swim suit line. Since then, our swim suit line has swept the nation!

 Our mission as a company is to be more than just that.  If we can put a smile on every person that wears a Sunny Co Clothing product then we've almost done our job!

We have a VERY strong vision for giving back. We want to share our success with the world through charitable donations. We believe we can create positive change in this world.

 Sunny Co Clothing currently agrees to donate $1.00 to Alzheimer's Research every time someone purchases a Sunny product . Our goal is to support this cause as much as we can. When choosing a philanthropy to support, we wanted to zero in on donating to one philanthropy that is underfunded. After doing research, the 6th leading cause of death in America is Alzheimer's. 1 in 3 Seniors will have Alzheimer's. ALL diseases are bad but we believe that this disease needs to be supported more through donation and awareness! 

We hope you enjoyed learning about our company! If there is anything else you would like to know or understand better feel free to visit our contact us page!